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Any .NET advice for this?

Maybe you .NET experts could give me a shove in the correct direction.

I am still trying to resolve this error: "Error: Sys.InvalidOperationException: ‘DocMapUpdatePanelId’ is not a property or an existing field."

My ReportViewer won’t function and I’ve narrowed it down to system.web.extensions. I am using Framework 4.6.1 and should be using system.web.extensions The references show it as and when I try to add the reference I get a message that says “system.web.extensions is already referenced” I cannot remove the reference either.

When I look in the GAC, I do not see but instead system.web.extensions

I am working with Visual Studio 2017. I have installed all updates. No amount of uninstalling and reinstallng via NuGet makes a difference. Adding and removing dlls from the bin directory makes no difference. Solution has been cleaned. Temporary files have been cleared repeatedly.

Going to the forums with this results in a bunch of guessing, or silence.

Pretty sure I’m in Hell.

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