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So you want to be a programmer?

Sometimes to solve a problem, we have to distract ourselves. When my Macbook Pro died, friends and family came to the rescue. I now primarily work in Microsoft’s domain so a Dell Laptop (a loan from a good friend) saved my career. I still do my side work and creative work on an iMac (a gift from a family member) but OS13 Ventura and the M1 chip changed much. My development environment hasn’t worked since the upgrade. I haven’t had much time to give toward fixing it. During today’s mental break from my work, I succeeded in getting PHP8 and DNSMASQ working! Thanks to this guide:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Next step is to get MySQL5.7 working so that I can migrate my old databases to MySQL8. Then I’ll need to get Ruby working and make sure that I can use Redmine again. What a pain.

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