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Had the most glorious experience today. I received a recorded phone call from “Coinbase” warning me that someone in Utah had tried to access my account. “Press 1 if this was not you or press 2 if this was you.” I pressed 1 and the message said “one of our security personnel will be in touch” click. I logged into Coinbase and confirmed there had been no such activity and that two factor authentication was working. Ten minutes later the call came. It was a heavily accented person. He had my phone number, my email address, and my name. I acted like an old, hard of hearing guy making him repeat himself many times. He instructed me to open my coinbase account in Safari and confirm that I had some crypto in some account. He asked me to click the “receive” funds. He wanted me to transfer crypto from my Coinbase account to my Coinbase wallet then they would lock my account for 24 hours then I could return the funds. Then he said he would send me an email which he did. I told him the email had arrived. Sure enough, very phishy looking link in the email. He said, “No click the link” and I replied “Hell no man” to which he went on a 20 second rant of cursing me while I laughed cursed back at him and told him I was recording him and I knew where he lived. The jovial “fuck yous” on both ends was almost like two old college buddies meeting up for the first time in a long time. Cracked me up. I really wish I had been able to record that call.

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