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Amy’s Earth Day Lunch

Earth Day Lunch

Update: This update for Jim, the no good deed goes unpunished commenter. The students discussed healthy eating for lunch today, not conservation. The landfill packaging may or may not have presented the students an opportunity for discussing organic eating.


The secret is to turn the 2 pieces of bread into a rectangle. My first attempt I put one slice directly on top of the other and that did nothing. You want to overlap them ever so slightly before using the rolling pin. Work the seam really well so that you end up with a good bond between the two slices.

When putting the ingredients on, cheat it toward one of the narrow sides to leave some bare bread at the end for keeping the roll together (bread on bread after rolling). Roll it tight but not so tight as to tear the bread and at the end go back and forth over the final seam with slightly increasing pressure to try to keep the bread together.

I picked up the sushi tray from Kroger’s deli.

The sushi is: white wheat bread, ranch dressing, 2 slices of ham, shredded carrots, 1 slice of swiss cheese, and 2 sweet baby pickles