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LOST: Jin Kwon is going to die!

Chalk another LOST character’s death up to DUI! People! Get a cab.

Daniel Dae Kim, one of the star’s of ABC’s hit TV series, “Lost,” was arrested by Honolulu Police officers early this morning for allegedly driving drunk. Kim was released after posting bail and waded through media with his head down, and without comment. … The characters of Rodriguez, Watros, and Akinnuoye-Agbaje were all written off of the show in the season following their arrest. [Source, Truemors]

Update: Daniel Dae Kim has apologized in a podcast. I have to track the podcast down. If you have the link please put it in comments.

Daniel Dae Kim…apologized via his publicist… [Source, Truemors

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LOST Review

Oh that was good! They got me! You know. One question I find myself asking: Setting aside Ben’s mind games and apparent evil nature, have The Other’s (I don’t count Patchy) done anything terrible that wasn’t directly a result of an action of an Ocean Flight 815 survivor?

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Tonight on LOST

I know what is going to happen!

Hiro shows up on the island which is really a big submarine and blows up just as we learn that Jack Bueur is really a pregnant lady and has to die then House claims he can save Jack but Wil Shatner intervenes with a legal loop hole explaining they have to blow up and everyone dies.

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LOST – The Man Behind The Curtain


In that scene with Ben and Locke where everything got all shaky and you briefly see a person, I did a frame by frame playback and the person sitting in the chair has the exact profile (including that very distinct forehead and extremely distinct nose) of Ben!

Stealing Cathy’s thought, have we gone a little 6th Sense here? Who of the Others have the Losties actually physically contacted and conversed with? Richard? I’m not so sure anymore. Patchie? Definitely. Juliette? Definitely. Tom? Definitely. Ethan? Definitely.

The revelations in tonight’s Lost episode were awesome!