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Some thank yous are in order

First, I want to thank Carmen, Matt, Gabe and Abby for the wonderful birthday card and gift. I laughed. I cried. I plan to frame it!

I need thank those of you who answered my undignified desperate plea. I felt like I was on a telethon when I saw the responses! Feel like I should put a thermometer up showing where we are and the goal. You aid is being very helpful! We still have some uncomfortable decisions to make but at least we now have the option of making decisions. Thank you again! I will make it come around.

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Blogs are for begging

I was trying not to go here. There is a donation button in the sidebar. If anyone were ever feeling particularly generous, this is a good time to hit that button. If you do, attach a note:

  1. Get a real job then give me my money back.
  2. Donate this amount to another blogger in need as soon as you can.
  3. Interest! I say Interest!
  4. Keep it freeloader, but stop being a burden to society.
  5. My favorite charity is _____. Give it to them when you can.
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Help is available but that becomes your job

We have power until Monday on a technicality. Apparently, so many people are getting their power cut off that the crew cannot get to us until Monday.

So there are organizations that try to help people through the difficult times but they have large, time consuming hoops to jump through. So your entire day becomes making phone calls, and visiting their offices with paperwork and more paperwork. So in the end, you may or may not get help and are exhausted having completed none of your real work. Guess I’ll program tonight while the world sleeps. Thank goodness I am not out of coffee.

I am tickled to learn about these services. Whether or not I end up using them is yet to be determined but when I am able, you can bet I’ll be donating to them!

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Answer to How do the poor eat?

I seem to have forgotten part of my post on "How do the poor eat?" There are many ways. One is FISH. By calling 865-523-7900 you are automatically directed to a participating organization (typically a church). FISH only asks the number of adults and the number of children in your household. They ask nothing of your situation. They like it when you can pickup but they will deliver. What do they deliver? One to three days worth of food and some dry goods such as soap.

Volunteer or contribute by calling 865-691-9174.

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Monroe County Thanks You

I spoke with the Red Cross last night regarding the Monroe County family with the blind mother and 5 children that lost their home to fire. The children are ages 3-16. The fire occurred on the 16 year old’s birthday. They are looking for clothing in the following sizes: size 4 boy, girls size 6 and 8, boys size 14 and 16. The Monroe County Red Cross, unlike the Knoxville Red Cross, is self-supported through their own fund raising and donations. They have been very surprised by the community response from outside of Monroe County.

Yesterday someone donated 6 beds. The Red Cross gave them backpacks with some coloring books, toys, etc. They have been given a television and vcr and a vhs library of movies. Today they are hoping to arrange housing that is not a motel. I am not sure what else they have received.

If you want to help, call the help line at (423) 337-9011.

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Watch me shave!

Cathy and I were pondering ways to get our sponsorship commitments above $1000. Latte Man has offered to do anything. We both concluded that perhaps offering to have sex on camera if someone committed $1000 would do the trick! Of course, in the name of decency and the fact that our family and possibly children reads our blogs, you would only be seeing our clothed top halves. Of course, if you have been reading us for any length of time, I am certain you have already seen my wife’s breasts.

Upon further consideration, we decided that if we made such an offer, someone would rapidly make a $1000 sponsorship and simply never pay. So we decided that if we were going to have sex on camera that it would have to be for someone serious which meant we would do it if the sponsorships totalled $10,000. But they we realized the same person who would lie about $1000 would also lie about a $10,000.

So! I am going to shave on camera! That’s right. You heard it. At 9:17am I will shave on camera in the name of Farm Aid!