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I predicted Tom Brokaw the winner

At about 9:55pm I called Tom Brokaw the winner of the Presidential debate in Nashville.

#debate08 #nashdebate i predict tonight’s winner is Tom Brokaw. Mccain, i won’t see a dime of your 5k. Wear my shoes! You won’t like them. about 1 hour ago from txt

Anyone call it sooner?

Update: My other debate Tweets.

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Joe Biden..that Twit(ter)

The only thing I can say about Joe Biden at this moment is he was the first presidential candidate to appreciate the power of Twitter! Follow @JoeBiden and @BarackObama. I still cannot find a John McCain official Twitter account nor one for Petraeus. For some reason Biden doesn’t thrill me. Of course, McCain/Patraus frighten me.

Update:Thank goodness it wasn’t Hillary!

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Voters Need Not Hide Behind the Curtain

Knox County has decided that voter privacy is bunk. As long as you certify the information is for political reasons only, Knox County Election Commission will send you a list of active and inactive voters and their history. Cost? Free!

We have changed our policy concerning purchase of voter lists on disk. If you will print out, fill in and send us the Certification for Purchase of Voter List on CD ( we will send you a disk with all the active and inactive voters and their history. For free. [Source]

I wonder just how detailed that history is?