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Da da dum daaa

A moment of silence please. My motherboard on my ever importance workhorse of a desktop I use for everything Internet personal and business has died. Yesterday the computer spontaneously turned off 8 times. This morning it would not turn on at all. Assuming it was just dust inside, I went to clean the machine this morning and discovered at least 5 capacitors that were leaking and partially exploded. I need this machine working so I may try replacing the bad capacitors but more than likely it is my turn for an upgraded computer. Fortunately, the college student’s "gaming" computer appears available. He won’t be pleased but it will make due for me in this pinch.

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Is 9V too much for a 6V device?

If I have a device that requests 6V input and I have an a/c adapter that outputs 9V, will the device draw only the 6V it needs or will it try to take all 9V and burn itself out? In this case the circuit is simply a light. It has the switch and the bulb with an optio of being powered by 4 AA batteries or 6V input. No amp requirement specified.

Watt’s it matter?