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And no one pulled their guns out

A common argument I hear for concealed carry is that the armed citizenry will step up until the police can arrive. Walmart sells guns. Walmart has a clientele who love their guns and probably carry one or more guns with or without a concealed carry permit. But when a man walked into a South Carolina Walmart and killed his wife, no one intervened. Police only caught him after he wrecked his truck during the get-a-way.

Holiday shoppers at a South Carolina Walmart watched in horror as a man stabbed his wife to death in the store during a heated argument, authorities said.

[Source, NY Daily News, Cops: Man stabs wife to death at bank in South Carolina Walmart]

So these arguments for guns, are they invalid? No one tried to help despite the armory in sporting goods. And what about the concealed carry people? Where were they? I contend it is an invalid argument and that civilians will not take action. In this case, the murderer walked out of the store unopposed.

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“Just one of those crazy accidents,” Mr White said.

No, it’s not just a crazy accident. No four/five year old should have a real gun!

A FIVE-year-old boy who was playing with a .22 caliber rifle he’d been given as a gift accidentally shot and killed his two-year-old sister in their Kentucky home

the children’s mother was cleaning the house at the time and had stepped outside onto the porch

The rifle had been given to the boy last year and was kept in the corner of a room. The parents didn’t realise a shell had been left in it.

[Source, Herald Sun, US boy, 5, accidentally shoots and kills sister, 2]

Again, I use this as an example of why schools should remain gun free zones. Mistakes will be made. Lives will be lost. And mark my words, no armed teacher, staff member, or janitor will stop an active shooter…it just doesn’t happen that way.

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Minister and family on mission to keep violent video games from youth

On October 20, 2007 a tragedy occurred. A 16 year old had been home bound with a staph infection. During his time from school, he secretly purchased Halo 3 and played up to 18 hours a day. Discovered by his parents, the game was confiscated. He then shot them. The mother died; the father survived. Now the pastor and his family crusade against violent video games.

The family is now on a collective mission to keep violent video games from the hands of America’s youth.

"I’m gonna fight them," says Petric of the video game producers. "They put weapons in the hands of our children that teaches them murder, and that killing is okay." (emphasis added)

[Source, True Crime Report, Daniel Petric Assassinates Mom, Shoots Pastor Dad in Head Over Video Games]

This is a horrific crime. I’m making no excuse for any party and, although studies have shown no link between violent video games and real life violence, I am not defending the games either. I take issue with the statement that " put weapons in the hands of our children" because, in this case, the weapon clearly came from the father.

Daniel, who had raided his father’s lockbox, raised his 9 mm handgun — loaded with hollow point rounds…

[Source, True Crime Report, Daniel Petric Assassinates Mom, Shoots Pastor Dad in Head Over Video Games]

Daniel used his father’s key to unlock the lockbox and take back his game. Daniel also took his father’s 9 mm handgun along with the game.

[Source, Wikipedia, Daniel Petric Shooting]

I am not suggesting that we take away people’s guns. This is not an attack upon the second amendment. I am suggesting that this crime would have possibly been prevented with an appropriate gun safe, gun locks, or not having a weapon in the house at all. Please lock up your guns in a way your children cannot access them. Please teach your children gun safety.

It’s not the game. It’s not the gun. It’s not the parents. It’s the person holding the gun.