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Noooo…. Grounds!

The coffee is gone! The coffee is gone! Watch for riots in the streets! How could we have let all the coffee grounds run out.

Oh bean!
How I miss thee
Not long ago
     I coddled thee
I’d shake your bag
     Like a maraca
We’d laugh with glee
Then I’d give you a ride
The grinder it spun
To fine powder
Then a steam bath for you
While you drip dried
I’d have a drink
Now I thirst.

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Off the wagon..100 cups here I come!

So I decided to detox. I quit coffee. For roughly a week and a half. My mind calmed. My productivity increased. I had a brief period of headaches but that could have had something to do with last week’s dreaded cold.

Tonight I have officially rejoined the land of the living. Pumping some French Roast into my veins right now! Let’s stay up for a few days shall we?