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He said, “Let there be pizza!”

…and there was Domino’s, with their Two-fer Tuesday online coupon. And I was all over that. (Dominos on Tuesdays has become a tradition that the children have come to expect and all because of that coupon) Domino’s has an excellent online ordering site albeit a little slow. You can also order from a regular mobile phone or smart phone with an Internet connection with ease. Domino’s impressed me!

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Tuesday Traditions

I like to cook. I prefer to cook. When I cook, I can make healthy meals at less cost…except on Tuesdays. On Tuesdays Dominos runs a Two’fer special that I cannot beat. The time it saves from cooking, the cost of supplies, and the energy saved is well worth the cost of the pizza. But better is the tradition! On Tuesdays the children know Tis The Traditional Two’fer Tasty pizza day! Got tradition?