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Revolution3 Triathlon in Knoxville May 5

This Sunday, May 5, a triathlon will happen in Knoxville which includes a $50,000 purse.
Competitors will swim up river from Volunteer Landing (evading the floating bodies at Calhoun’s) just past First Creek, turn around and swim down to Second Creek. From Second Creek they will bike to the Gay Street Bridge then to John Sevier Highway and back downtown (24 miles). The run will be along the Neyland Dr Greenway, through Tyson Park, continuing down Third Creek Greenway, all the way down Cherokee Blvd, and back ending at the World’s Fair Park.

See more at the rev3tri website.

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Segregation in Knoxville

Based on 2000 census data, this is how Knoxville is segregated. Red is White, Blue is Black, Green is Asian, Orange is Hispanic, Gray is Other, and each dot is 25 people. [Source, Flickr – Eric Fischer, Race and ethnicity]

Race and ethnicity: Knoxville

And here’s Memphis:

Race and ethnicity: Memphis

And Nashville:

Race and ethnicity: Nashville


[Source, Atlantic Wire, Mapping the Segregation of U.S. Cities]