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Dear SEC – you aren’t making me a fan!

So how is the SEC supposed to run a touchdown after shooting holes in both their feet?

To the quick thinkers making these decisions for the SEC, try standing in the ocean and push the tide back; you can’t. You cannot fight it. Instead embrace it and make it work for you. Encourage the fans to contribute videos, and commentary, and stories, and pictures and let your website be the portal for that flood of information! Twitter is poised to dominate in the real time search market because the wealth of information comes through their gates. Imagine if you, the SEC, did that for college football! Oh, but you made your play. Some inexperienced sideline coach gave you bad advice and you’ve fumbled this ball. From my view up in the bleachers, I’m just not sure you can recover it. Good luck.

It’s really interesting watching dinosaurs die.

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Excuse Me?! Bama Fan Badmouths TN

This video is going viral. It needs a rebuttal! For those of you who got your education at Alabama, a rebuttal is when someone replies to your argument and shows the flaws in your statements.

Update (Aug 6, 2008): When I posted this video yesterday, it had just over 100,000 views. In one day nearly 100,000 more people viewed the video. It now shows 201,290 views with 468 comments and 3 video responses.