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The Snugg – iPhone 5S Bamboo Case Review

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review; however, The Snugg provided the case to me for review.

Snugg, founded in early 2010, specialises in the retail of high quality, form fitting cases for the iPad, iPhone and other recent tablet devices as well as unique gifts such as Wine Aerators, Beer Pong Tables and Virtual Laser Keyboards.

TheSnugg has provided an iPhone 5S Real Bamboo Wood Case for review (also available at Amazon).

A real Bamboo, wooded case from The Snugg. Built specifically for the iPhone 5S, with cut-outs tailored to fit buttons, switches, speakers and the new lightning charger port.
Created from highly sustainable bamboo wood, this is a product to be proud of. It’s durable, handmade and gives an individual finish to your iPhone 5S.
The case is fitted to your phone in two interlocking pieces, making it easy and quick to install and ensuring it locks onto your phone in a Snugg, form fitting fashion.

The Snugg is a simple yet effective case. It is two pieces of shaped bamboo which accommodate all the buttons, speakers, charge port, camera and flash, and headphone jack of the iPhone 5s. The case is smooth…no rough edges. It is beautiful. The two pieces fit snuggly around the iPhone and has a felt pad on the inside to protect the back of the phone. I give The Snugg a high recommendation for an elegant phone case.