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Son to preschool – Twitter covers it

Toddler introduced to preschool. They grow so fast! 1 hour ago from txt

lasthome I remember when he was just an Easter egg 😉 1 hour ago from twhirl in reply to djuggler

bobmissy07 @djuggler The Feral Child? 43 minutes ago from web in reply to djuggler

RussM @bobmissy07 As some commenter said to @cathymccaughan, he’s not feral — he’s free-range. 38 minutes ago from web in reply to bobmissy07

bobmissy07 @russM Sorry, I get those confused sometimes. Guess I should hope that the restaurant selling freerange chicken doesn’t do the same, right? 32 minutes ago from web in reply to RussM

lasthome @RussM I think he’s a LOLkid. 30 minutes ago from twhirl in reply to RussM

RussM I think @lasthome nailed it. 20 minutes ago from web

Note: Don’t mind the time stamps. This was hard to type. I understand why people screenshot their Tweets.Timestamps fixed.

Update: For those wondering about the Easter egg comment, when Cathy was pregnant with Evan, Easter 2005, we painted her belly as an Easter egg (and a couple of other parts as flowers) then published the photo. The resourceful can find the picture on Flickr.