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My favorite television show is Lost. My 2nd favorite is Boston Legal. One of my favorite characters on Boston Legal is Alan Shore portrayed by James Spader (starred in Stargate the movie).

So I have this new anger management plan. Whenever a situation arises with the children, or a phone call (call), or anything else, particularly if I feel myself starting to boil, I pause and ask myself, "What would Alan Shore do?" I did this for several weeks with much success before confiding my plan with my wife. Now she is aware and periodically calls out, "you’re doing it now!" with a grin. I tilt my chin up slightly, give a Mona Lisaesque smile, and reply, "of course I am."

This morning I forgot to ask, "What would Alan Shore do?" It really does make a difference! So, next time the tension hits, just ask, "What would Alan Shore do?"

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9 thoughts on “WWASD

  1. I’ll have to watch Boston Legal. I often find myself wondering what Edward Grey would do (“Secretary”)

    Oh, look, that werd is misspelled…

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  7. […] Being a person not afraid of confrontation, I turn around and walk right up to his window and he rolls it down. I ask, "did I park too close to you?" He replies, "No, I was parked at angle." Me, "I am parked well in my spot with plenty of space between ours. Would you like me to move my car?" He politely replies, "No." I re-examine my parking job and am prideful of how straight I parked. I could have maybe been slightly more centered in the spot but not by much. Thank you Alan Shore for helping me not telling this guy what I really thought of him. […]

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