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The benefits of no ac

With the air conditioning broken, we have the pleasure of being reminded of the sounds our normally closed windows block. The birds singing the backyard often sound like they are in the house. The pitter patter of the light rain is relaxing and the smell of its cleansing relieving. There is beauty in sleeping with the windows open. We are fortunate that the air conditioning is broken right now.

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When do they quit breastfeeding?

Maybe Evan will be breastfeeding at eight years old (video interview of a woman and her children who breastfeed at 8 and 5). One commenter claims this was aired on television:

This was on TV some time ago. You see everything is soo expensive in the UK now. Its rip off britain and milk is expensive too, so its all a big money save. We’re a bit weired over this side of the pond!

It is well produced but I cannot find any other sources to the video so it conceivably could be a spoof. Another comment says it was TLC or Discovery and that the children have never been away from mom for more than 5 minutes.

Maybe he will stop breastfeeding after he is married.