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"Murphy was an optimist!"

And afterwards I’ll sign autographs at Market Square April 27, 2007 6:31 pm

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Tonight I’ll be on Knox Politics (Comcast channel 12 – Community TV) from 8:30-9pm. This is a live broadcast and accepts calls at 865-215-2288. The topic will be Knox County School rezoning, of course. The bloopers DVD will be on special for $9.99.

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1. BH - April 27, 2007

There will be NO bloppers, so no dvd. You will do well. I will even watch it. Hey maybe I could recap Politics Knoxville. No just kidding.

2. djuggler - April 27, 2007

That was fun!

3. LissaKay - April 28, 2007

They’ve blinked! http://tinyurl.com/35hsj4

4. Mark Steel - April 28, 2007

They inhaled, too…

5. Doug McCaughan - April 28, 2007

Grandfathering is a bribe. It doesn’t change anything but is an attempt to sway the opinion of enough people to be able to say “but people are happy with the plan.” Grandfathered sibs would have to be transported by the families. Grandfathering does nothing for safety of other students or property values.

6. Doug McCaughan - April 28, 2007

Small changes are appeasements to try to get the plan through on this vote. The plan needs to be rejected and a new plan considering all people involved needs to be developed.

7. LissaKay - April 28, 2007

Um yeah, sorry for mentioning it. I meant that they are feeling the heat somewhat … shows that you guys are having an effect. Better than nothing, eh? Better than them just saying take what we have and shove it.

Eh, nevermind. I’ll go away and shut up now.

But there are some interesting “comments” on the WBIR site on how Ragsdale is the cause of this mess.

8. Doug McCaughan - April 28, 2007

No no NOOOO! I love your comments. You inspired a post and you encouraged me to add about 3 links to the roundup.

You helped keep my fire going and we need the fires to continue through May 2nd and beyond. We can’t quit with a No vote on May 2nd because we have to follow through and see the Yes plan created.

Keep the comments coming! Feel free to add links to the roundup too.