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Blogfest this Saturday!

As a reminder, this Saturday, the 9th, Rich has organized another Blogfest!

WHEN: Saturday, June 9[edit]
WHERE: Bailey’s in West Knoxville.

Looks like attendees thus far will be Rich (of course, Lissa Kay, myself (but I’m leaving Cathy at home with the k i d s and I’m sure I’ll pay for that later), Mushy (might be there on Friday), Tish, Mark, Barry (mightwill be at the Eagles Club), and Michael Silence. Glenn and Helen and Say Uncle haven’t missed one yet. Will they be attending? And what of Mr. Neil?

Lissa has put out encouragement to attend for AtomicTumor, Daco, Netmom, Bos and Eaves as well as Preston, Serr8D and Number 9.

I’ll be packing pool cue. Who wants to break?

6 thoughts on “Blogfest this Saturday!

  1. We’ll be out of town this weekend.

    I didn’t want to go to Bailey’s anyway.


  2. Haha! That was funny.

  3. We’ll be playing at the Eagle’s Club in Oak Ridge starting around 7:30 but should be there all evening if anyone wants to come out after Bailey’s.

    I’d love to see some folks out there come here us sing. Directions to the venue are on my site. I’ll even buy you a drink 😉

  4. Looking forward to meeting you!

  5. As am I! Of course, if I meet myself that could be a little weird so I suppose I should rephrase that as “looking for to meeting you also!”

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