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"Murphy was an optimist!"

Marker Fairy Strikes April 21, 2007 10:22 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Cathy, Daily Life, Family, Humor, Sex
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struck by the Marker Fairystruck by the Marker Fairy

Oh yes. Apparently we have a rouge Marker Fairy in our bedroom. Typically Marker Fairies dwell in the basements of college dormitories on weekends. Fortunately, despite my grand efforts, I never had the pleasure of a visit by a Marker Fairy until recently. Anyone want to wager why?

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1. LissaKay - April 21, 2007

You made her mad again, didn’t you?

You know, with that shorter hair, and the wry grin in the pic on the right, you have more than a passing resemblance to Bruce Willis.

OK, so maybe I need more coffee.

2. djuggler - April 21, 2007

Hehehe! He and I share a similar vernacular from time to time. However, I would never give up my wonderful wife for a pyt fling. But I might jump off a bridge onto a moving boat to try to diffuse a bomb.

3. LissaKay - April 21, 2007

Yippee ki yay, Marker Father!



4. Mark Steel - April 22, 2007

That is a Hall of Fame smartass comment. 😉

Good to see ya all tonight. And dj … LTNS. Weird, eh?

5. Mark Steel - April 22, 2007

BTW … How color-blind are you this year? That looks Green as Hell to me…

6. Cathy - April 25, 2007

Is the marker fairy always annoyed? Does she ever pay you a happy visit?

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