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Like quicksand!

So today began with me frantically trying to complete one project so that I could try to finish another critical project and was interrupted with a client emergency which was put on hold until tomorrow. Part of wrapping up project 1 involved getting the data and structure out of a MS SQL 2k database and into a MySQL 5.03 database. Jumped some hoops on that one. The MySQL GUI Tools are fantastic! I still prefer SQLyog for developing queries since it uses the same shortcuts as MS Query Analyzer. Next I had to figure out how to get my CFMX7 server to actually connect a data source to the MySQL server.

Long and short I had to download the then put the jar into the web-inf/lib directory. The CFservice had to be restarted of course. Worked like a charm! was invaluable although I skipped most of those instructions.

Ended up on a long tech support call trying to figure out why my Motorola v3xx has quit sending SMS text messages and will only send MMS messages. Seems the answer may be to empty everything from the inbox and outbox. That will take some doing!

Time to do more programming. What I’d really like to do is settle in with a scotch and a book or a movie and talk to Cathy.

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