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Happy 4th of July

West Park Baptist Church Fireworks

Yesterday we celebrated America. Yes, we celebrate the 4th of July on the 3rd of July each year as West Park Baptist Church puts on their Celebrate America fireworks display. Each year I juggle for the crowd. This year the church could not contact me because Cingular/AT&T has my (865) 382-3080 number not working correctly. So they went searching the Internet for me. Hmmm. I am who I am but I also post creative writing and humor on the Internet that I would probably be more candid about in person. Always takes me back a bit when someone says, "I saw your blog." I always feel like responding, "Cool. Do you still like me?" Guess I need to re-read why I blog.

This year I was fortunate enough to have 2 other jugglers join me. They are exceptionally skilled and we were able to jump right into passing clubs including passing around volunteers despite having not juggled together for the better part of a year! They have such potential! I would really enjoy juggling with them on a regular basis and pushing the limits of our skills. Of course, life gets in the way but we still have these great moments.

The children had a blast on the inflatable toys. I enjoyed the juggling but still feel like I didn’t give the other jugglers enough lime light. Fire was tossed! Tommy was in charge of Molly the girl magnet. Molly did not enjoy the fireworks but got through them. Noah and Phillip found similarly aged friends and enjoyed having free run of the festival. Everyone had a blast! Pun intended.

Passing Time Passing Clubs

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