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Condom testers wanted for new positions July 5, 2007 11:41 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Announcements, Health, Of Interest, Sex, Touchy Subjects
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First, no I am not on a condom kick. This story just came out coincidentally close to my anecdote on shopping for condoms with Evan.


You read that headline and think "ew" or "what a cool job!" I whip out my copy of the Kama Sutra to try to figure out what positions they could have possibly left out!

Durex is a great company with the funniest commercials. They impress me most with their website. Unlike their competitors who use bloated, slow loading flash sites, Durex has a clean, fast loading website packaged with educational information (except for their image downloads which despite numerous back and forth emails I cannot convince them that they are broken).

The position is not paid, but successful applicants will receive a free $60 selection of Durex products and will be required to provide the company with honest feedback about the products’ performance. [Source]

You know, I could picture the feedback going something like this: "The condoms were very comfortable. Like they weren’t there at all. Oh, and let me introduce you to Junior. He was conceived about half way through testing. Btw, I recorded that you have about a 43% breakage rate."


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1. tim - July 5, 2007

why pick me to answer?

we have experienced broken condoms in the past – nasty things that i hate
however all our kids were conceived from the standard anniversary, birthday or news year eve celebration funky thang.
personally im not interested in a trial! – or knives – jude got herself neutered so i wouldnt have to – too tough for that i guess!

2. Doug McCaughan - July 5, 2007

Hehe! I guess I should have clarified why I pointed to you:

“any Australian over the age of 18 could apply for one of 200 positions as a condom tester.”