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What if this isn’t real?

What if the world we live in is actually a MMORPG? What if my life is really being controlled by some hormonal pissed off teenager whose parents keep complaining about the ridiculous amount of useless time he spends playing The Game of Earth? "I’m going to screw with my character today and make his notebook disappear! Because my rents don’t want me playing today. While I’m offline, I’ll let my character suffer and look for his notebook all day but he won’t find it because I’ve used my hex editor to remove it from the game! Ha!"

Where’s that coffee delivery boy?

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Murph’s back!

I’ll explain Murphy later. In short he’s my guardian angel. But he’s more like a guardian pixie. He likes to humble me through bizarre life lessons. He also likes to screw with me. For instance, this weekend I bought a 11.4cm x 8.2cm notebook to carry with me at all times. When I have a thought that I don’t seen to Jott, I write it in the book. It becomes an ongoing list of things I won’t forget. A notebook like this quickly becomes invaluable. When it is not on my person, it lives to the left of my keyboard. That’s it. It’s either beside my keyboard or on my body; except right now! Right now I have no clue where it is and I need the gd thing right now! There is too much at stake right now in my life to have little distractions like this messing with me.

Last night I did a massive cleaning on my office which implies the notebook could have been moved but it was. I know didn’t move it and I’ve looked everywhere that it might have landed. Everytime I try to implement a system to reorganize my life, someone or something tears it to shreds. Guess this 3 day experiment failed. Back to RTM and Jott I suppose.

Update: The child sized notebook apparently walked by itself into a child’s room and was quickly discovered after I offered to do the finder’s chores today. I think I just taught my children embezzlement.