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Super secret fbi bldg done June 1, 2009 11:11 am

Posted by utterz in : Daily Life, Podcasting
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Looks like the walls are finished. Like the crane topper.

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1. Morgan - June 1, 2009

Is this anywhere near Middlebrook and the boy scout headquarters? My sons friend Ryan lives there and told me he thought they were building a FBI building. I’m not sure its that secret, lol.

2. Doug McCaughan - June 1, 2009

Lots of land over there. That was my guess. I think they were using drivers without security clearances to move the prebuilt walls to Kmart and Rudy’s parking lots then the 2 drivers with security clearance would move the materials onto the actual construction site. I could be wrong on the information. I spoke with one of the drivers who told me “only two guys are being allowed to move stuff to the site.”

3. Morgan - June 1, 2009

You came up first when I googled “FBI building knoxville”, lol.

That is really close to my house…Zak will be happy, he has some friends there he goes to lunch with.


4. Doug McCaughan - June 1, 2009

Well that didn’t take any triangulation! 🙂