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I may be blocked by Websense July 7, 2009 11:40 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Daily Life
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I’m seeing a reference to blockoptions.cgi in my log files. A little research seems to indicate that this means Websense is blocking Reality Me. Last time this happened, I had been categorized as a gambling site. I despise these types of services because the onus falls on the wrong person to prove the error. It’s like a large corporation calling you up and saying, "Our accounting department has screwed up. Would you please go back 5 years in your records and show us where our error is?" Maybe next week I’ll contact Web*doesn’tmake*sense.

You’d think when one of these disservices blocked your site, they’d contact you and let you know "we’ve blocked you for reason ____. To be removed from our list either change ______ or file a complaint at ______."

If you ever go to someone’s site that shouldn’t be blocked by such a service, drop a report with Websense or whomever or at least let the site owner know they are being blocked. The site owner probably doesn’t have any idea.

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1. Morgan - July 7, 2009

My office stopped using websense a couple months ago and is now using some other program. Websense was beyond stupid on what it blocked and what it did not block.

2. Doug McCaughan - July 7, 2009

All filtering software is dumb. When I worked at The Learning Company we controlled 85% of the filtering market (at the time) and the software was horrific, easily circumvented, and addressed symptoms not problems. I despise closed networks, censoring and filters. It’s the antithesis of why the World Wide Web was created.