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I have phone again – sorta November 18, 2009 1:57 pm

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Communications, Daily Life, Gadgets, Technology
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My replacement phone for my antique Motorola v3xx RAZR arrived today. Now I have an LG CF360 which looks and acts a whole lot like a Samsung A777. I lost everything! Every contact. Every picture. Every voice recording. Every shortcut in my life. Gone! My contacts in my phone had notes related to the contact, birthdays, private numbers, people I only talk to once in a blue moon and do so because I see (saw) them in my contact list and more.

So be it! Call this a new beginning. Let the burdens that accumulated in that phone be gone! We start anew today. If you call and get my voicemail, be sure to leave your phone number. Thanks.

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1. WillFull - November 18, 2009

Wait, I have that same RAZR – it’s an antique now?

2. Doug McCaughan - November 18, 2009

That’s what everyone was telling me. I loved that phone!

3. WillFull - November 18, 2009

I guess because it’s not a “smart”phone? I don’t care – it’s a flip-phone and it fits perfectly in my hip pocket and that’s pretty much all I need it for.

4. MOM - November 18, 2009

Sometimes pencil and paper are golden. Just don’t get too close to a fire.

5. Doug McCaughan - November 18, 2009

Pencil and paper do not update as easily as the data manager like a phone. The paper address book is not always with me and the cellphone is with me almost 100% of the time. Sometimes I trade contact information with others using Bluetooth so the information goes straight from phone to phone. This was a fluke because I wasn’t practicing what I preach with appropriate backups. So much of my life is now in cloud computing that I am seeing a great reducing in my dependence upon paper. I’ll be integrating my phone more with Google Voice http://google.com/voice so that this will become less of an issue in the future.