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From the mouths of babes

Yesterday I was in the middle of trying to rush out of the house and had this amusing conversation with the nine year old.

Noah: “Dad, do you have some string or rope with a hole in it?”
Dad, trying to picture putting a hole through a rope or string and not weakening it: “No, why would you do that?”
Noah: “I want to make one of those walkie talkie things with the two cups.”
Dad: “Oh, you mean a telephone. Why does the string need a hole through it?”
Noah: “How else is the sound going to get through?”

I dropped everything and rapidly found some string and two plastic cups. With time running out, Noah and I made our telephones, then over our first call, we discussed the science and why the strings don’t need holes. Now that was fun!

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  1. “Now that was fun.” OMG you sound oooooold.

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