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Touch the puppet head

So Amy, Evan and Cathy are heading to the zoo to visit with Aunt Carmen, Gabriel and Abby. This will be Evan’s first trip and Amy is bouncing off the walls. I am dying to go! This afternoon/evening we have Sarah needing to be picked up from afterschool activities, Noah needing to be dropped off then picked up from Karate, and Cathy has a meeting at the same time as the Juggling Club. If I attend the Juggling Club I can enlist another juggler to help me at this year’s CMHW Zoo event (Saturday, April 29 from 10am-2pm – I perform from 12-1).

These choices give me ulcers. Had I woken when I wanted I could have accomplished enough work to feel justified in taking some time at the zoo today but I didn’t. I don’t want to make Cathy skip her meeting but the juggling is good therapy and I’ve wanted a 2nd juggler to attend the CHMW event for years. I’m going to skip the zoo, work hard today, and juggle tonight.

2 thoughts on “Touch the puppet head

  1. The kids had a BLAST at the zoo!

    Gabe asked if Amy could come over and play this afternoon. We told him we probably wouldn’t see her until next visit. He promptly cried. He kept telling her “you’re my best friend” today.

  2. That’s excellent! I am glad you guys made the zoo trip. The children were very, very happy!

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