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Parallel Parking Tip

Do you have trouble parallel parking? If you have a good hand brake and front wheel drive like this Honda Civic then you too can parallel park perfectly everytime! Or you could do it like they do in Japan. My favorite is the Mini-Cooper sliding into the space.

I went to 9th and 10th grade in Medford, New Jersey. I went to 11th and 12th in Germantown, TN. Because of the differing state laws on when you could get a driver’s permit, I missed out on driver’s ed and instead had private lessons. Johnny “Dr. Fever” Caravella pulls up to my house in a beat up Nova. To learn to parallel park we drove to Memphis State University where I practiced until we bumped into one of the cars then we would pull ahead to find another spot until we bumped into those cars and repeated the process. Eventually, I became pretty good at parallel parking.

3 thoughts on “Parallel Parking Tip

  1. I never had drivers ed or private diving lessons. I just drove with my parents and drove around the nursery. My high school didn’t offer drivers ed.

  2. I took drivers ed, and mom’n’dad got an insurance break. Then I wrecked the car.

  3. That last one was me, not Carmom

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