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Bedtime with the Beasts – Marriage

Guns N Garters - We married here!

Wedding at the gorillas tonight. Scouts having to tiptoe by ultra quietly.

Update: It was actually at the bears and the reception was at the tent in Kids Cove. Thanks to their music, we were able to rock around the clock while learning about condors. I can think of 1000 other places I would want to get married other than the zoo. I’m quite pleased with Guns N Garters in Gatlinburg! Note that the picture (larger view) shows Baskin N Robbins which is a great place for a small, intimate reception.

Bear video and another bear video (both of these are from the following day).

2 thoughts on “Bedtime with the Beasts – Marriage

  1. The gorillas are getting married?

  2. They have to be legal for mating. The Snow Leopard was having a divorce.

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