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Bedtime with the Beasts – Night Hike

Wolves howling and lions roaring very cool.

Of course, with the interstate so close, you also hear the roar of traffic.

Nothing is wrong with the video. It should be black. I made it with a Canon PowerShot A95 and didn’t know how to record only sound.

1 thought on “Bedtime with the Beasts – Night Hike

  1. […] The night hike was very interesting. We saw white tigers, snow leopards, heard birds, the whelp of a wild Tommy as his foot slipped off the sidewalk and he fell like a muppet but without injury, heard lions roar, and tigers howl. At the end of our hike, we changed clothes and laid out our sleeping bags, then were treated to some biofacts of ivory, rhino horns, snake skins, teeth, etc, most of which are illegal to possess unless you are a zoo. It did not take long for everyone to find sleep. […]

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