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Bedtime with the Beasts – Snow Leopard Struts Her Stuff

Snow leopard gave us a great show

No pictures were allowed during our night hike so I cannot show the beauty of the snow leopard. As we approached, she stalked us and our instructors’/guides’ flash lights would catch a glimpse of her peeking out. One of our guides used to feed this particular snow leopard so as she began talking the animal pranced to up to the cage to be as close as possible. She holds her super fluffy tail in her mouth and twirls as if to say, "isn’t it beautiful!"

2 thoughts on “Bedtime with the Beasts – Snow Leopard Struts Her Stuff

  1. We went to the zoo today, too. But only seven kids and no spending the night!

  2. The instructors commented on the size of our group and I asked what size they preferred to which they responded with "oh, seven or so." So you qualify as their preferred size!

    The zoo is such a great family activity regardless of numbers! But I think for your numbers and ours it is especially good.

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