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Time to regroup – CFChart or not CFChart

So I’ve spent most of the day working on this issue. To recount, I’m trying to use CFChart to plot some data but the webpage returns blank. What we know:

The zero byte file reference was interesting. For people having trouble with CFChart or RDS you may need to know:

Some ColdFusion Administrator functions, as well as RDS and cfchart functionality, rely on two ColdFusion templates. However, these templates do not exist by default. You will need to create the following zero-byte files, since IIS will check for them during processing.

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the web_root/CFIDE directory, typically located at \inetpub\wwwroot\CFIDE.
  3. Create a blank file named GraphData.cfm.
  4. Create a directory called main.
  5. Navigate to the new directory at web_root/CFIDE/main.
  6. Create a blank file titled ide.cfm.
  7. Repeat steps B-F for any additional instances of web_root/CFIDE.

At this point I’m running out of time. Can I do this with a different solution?

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  1. […] I changed multiple variables at once so all of this may not be necessary. The final solution to the CFChart doesn’t work / won’t display / is blank problem is to add a virtual directory in IIS under the website wanting to use CFChart for "CFIDE" and another virtual directory for "JRunScripts". The last post in this thread helped me realize that having virtual directories for CFIDE and JRunScripts in the webroot was not sufficient. Allan – CFUG Spain 5 Dec 2004 21:16:55 [ permanent link ]What you have do is: […]

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