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Don’t miss the bus!

Today is the last of day of school. As the year wore on, Sarah left the house progressively later and later without a care on whether or not she missed the bus. Today she left earlier than she has left all year. She carries only 3 nalgene water bottles full of water, a cell phone, and an iPod Shuffle – no backpack, no books, no pencil. So, why leave early? We can’t miss the bus because on the last day of school the bus driver lets the kids have a water fight on the bus!

2 thoughts on “Don’t miss the bus!

  1. eeeek! Did you at least advise her that water and her iPod do not make good bedfellows?

  2. When I asked if she wanted her iPod she said, “sure!” (It had been in my hands for a repair for a couple of weeks) and without a prompting she grabbed a ziplock bag and dropped the iPod in it.

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