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For the record…

None of my arsensal of antique pci video cards have available drivers for Windows XP (yes, they are that old!). Despite knowing this, I periodically shut down all my machines and go through the exercise of removing and trading out video cards to try to get a second monitor working on my workstation. Eons ago when I had two functioning monitors my productivity felt so much greater. Usually I do this at the crux of a critical deadline (call it avoidance.. call it procrastination.. whatever label, it is just plain stupid.).

So, I now put this down for the world to see so that 6 months from now, when I am certain that I overlooked a compatible car in the stack of useless hardware or buried in the depths of a dusty case, I can be reminded that I’ve been through this exercise enough!

4 thoughts on “For the record…

  1. just buy a new dual head nVidia card
    the cheap FX series are good and not much more then you spent on dinner!

  2. I hang my head in shame and admit to doing the same thing. This is a hold-over for those of us old enough to remember when technology was too expensive to replace. Give up the ghost. Take those cards and throw them in the trash (well actually bring them to the hazardous waste center if you have one nearby). It will prevent you from going through this exercise again.

    I recently did this exercise with a bunch of old 1GB Hard Drives I had laying around. I copied all the data on each of them, onto a single DVD, and tossed them all.

  3. did you have a ‘puter that couild use the pci-e one?

  4. I thought I did but I don’t. I still have to look at Tommy’s computer and Cathy’s. Tommy’s may take it. Cathy’s is unlikely.

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