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August Challenge – Early Bird

I am happy that I was able to pull myself from bed at 4am. The silence is soothing. The crackling of a tree branch breaking and falling to the ground is pronounced in a way that would be lessened or missed during the day.

Can you meet The August Challenge?

1 thought on “August Challenge – Early Bird

  1. […] Today I am happy that I haven’t killed Doug yet. His plans, schemes and ideas often make me feel like I’m living with Wile E. Coyote. Today he put a banana peel on the front porch to attract bugs to attract hummingbirds. Don’t the mosquitos that are already there because of the carnage the cat stores under the porch count as hummingbird food? You know the real reason he likes to sneak out of bed before 5? Because he fears me killing him in his sleep. […]

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