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Now I am an IT manager!

Sometimes I don’t think. When I setup our home network, I did what most people probably do and set up DHCP which means the router dynamically gives a computer connecting to our network an IP address. This is nice that if someone with a laptop visits or I am working on someone’s computer that all we do is plug it into the network and the machine works on the Internet. Well, for a network of 7 computers that never move, DHCP is a bit of overkill.

Sometimes I like to look at the router logs and see what the kids are looking at on the Internet. Conceptually, their IP addresses could change and I never really know whose traffic I am observing. DHCP simply makes that difficult.

Sometimes I want to yank the Internet from one or more children. With DHCP the easiest thing to do was to walk to the router and pull the cable.

That has all changed! I wised up and set static IP addresses for all the machines. The ending ip number simply corresponds to the year of birth for the primary user of the computer. Now the logs make sense. Now in a couple of seconds I can deny the appropriate computer access to the Internet. Now I’m thinking.

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  1. great idea

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