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From the mouths of babes

peg game medium

The other day we went to Cracker Barrel with Cathy, Noah, Amy, Evan and myself. If you have never been to a cracker barrel, you should know ever table has that triangular game with the golf tees. (which ironically, is how they describe it in their product description! I wrote mine first!) I have accidentally solved it once in my life.

Amy is playing the peg game and drops a golf tee on the floor. We ask Noah to pick it up. Now Noah could be holding something and still be unable to find the object he is holding. The rest of this plays like it was scripted for a movie.

Noah begins looking for the golf tee on the dark tile floor and Amy watches Noah intently from her booster seat with this pleasant, relaxed look on her face. The guests around us take no notice as they continue to eat their pancakes, grits, and chicken and dumplings. The checkers board sits on a barrel just waiting for two players. We are near the kitchen and the wait staff enter and leave at haste and Noah stays out of their way. Noah is bent over staring at the floor. A waitress quickly sweeps the floor in front of her on the way back to the kitchen. It almost looks Monkish as if she does not want to step on a dirty floor. Amy continues to watch Noah as he stares at the floor moving his head back and forth as he scans for the golf tee. Knives and forks clink on plates. Conversations hum.

Dad: "Amy can you see it?"
Amy, non-chalantly and continuing to watch Noah: "She sweepered it."

2 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes

  1. Ha!

  2. Noah sounds a lot like our MastaG. Our Pigpen, though, would have been yelling for Noah to hurry up and find the peg. He’s bossy like that.

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