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Seeking MMORPG recommendations

Can you give feedback on the following? Assume you are a 16 year old boy that likes rules and repetition and are a Starcraft junkie.

  • City of Heroes
  • Everquest
  • Second Life
  • Dawn of War
  • Halo

Thank you for your feedback!

11 thoughts on “Seeking MMORPG recommendations

  1. I don’t know that I’d ever push anybody to start these things, in the same why that I wouldn’t offer somebody a crack pipe and say “Here, friend, try this!”

  2. But isn’t it cheaper, safer and less emotionally damaging than dating girls?

  3. What, crack? Yeah, probably.

  4. Battlefield 2… learn the skills of sniping, knifing, and c-4ing your opponent into oblivion while progressing up in rank and earning medals, badges, ribbons, etc… for your performance.

  5. MastaG’s been itching at me to re-install the star wars version of Battlefield 2.

  6. I don’t know if this is up Tommy’s alley or not, but my friend really got absorbed into City of Heroes. Create your own superhero. Of course, I think City of Villains might intrigue Tommy’s sensibilities more maybe 🙂

    (fixed link)

  7. Oops … forgot to close my link there on the City of Villains. I thought I was being soooo cool, too.

  8. I also guess I skimmed the list too quickly and just passed right over City of Heroes as the #1 on the list. That’s what I get for reading blogs at work.

  9. I totally forgot about Battlefield! And I know he has played it and liked it. Good ideas all around. Keep the feedback coming!

  10. dawn of war is great
    give him some real time strategies also like age of empires, empire earth and civilization
    will keep him occupied for hours and learn some great resource balancing techniques – economics in one easy lesson

  11. We went with Civilization and Battlefield 2. Tommy shares his birthday loot on his blog.

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