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August Challenge – Cable TV

Eek! I missed yesterday so this post is for yesterday’s challenge. Yesterday I was happy that Tuesday night I took some time to fish a coax cable up through Noah’s wall, across the attic, and down into the girls’ wall so that the television which has been in their room since Christmas now has basic cable as promised. Additionally, our fried cable box (blown during a power outage two weeks ago) has been replaced and our digital guide is back! Did not realize how important that guide has become to our television viewing. Did not realize the quantity and quality of educational television that comes on the upper digital channels and is lacking from the lower channels. Evan is dancing again. Amy is learning her spelling again.Thank you Noggin! Btw, television and physical activity with children still needs to be monitored but after observing how television has helped the children with vocabulary, words, math, and concepts, I will never again call it a simple babysitter for today’s television is truly an educational aid. I still like to see it turned off periodically.

Oh, Tommy and Noah are learning to blow things up (thank you Mythbusters and I don’t care what Adam and Jamie say I still don’t want forks in the microwave). And Sarah is watching some anime crap that comes on the lower channels anyway. Yeah yeah. I know. I watched it too when I was her age.

Can you meet The August Challenge?

ps. The Mythbusters cast have the coolest job in the world!

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