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Testing Flickr Photo Album


I am testing tan tan noodles’ Flickr Photo Album plugin. It should create a gallery at and make adding flickr photos to posts easier.

3 thoughts on “Testing Flickr Photo Album

  1. See, because I’m still an iconoclastic punk rocker at heart, I’d rather find another option than flickr, even though it does appear superior to the wordpress iimage gallery whatnot plugins. Its just too damn faddy.
    I’m that way about YouTube too, but I’ve been finding myself enjoying it. Theres just way too much stuff on the not to like. I hate the fact that you can’t call it in a separate media player, tho, so I can’t have it displaying full screen on my clone monitor (i.e. TV).

  2. I think Flickr is here to stay. Oh. I need to find a site I bookmarked that compared the various photo services. Flickr did not come out on top at the time. But again, I think they are a long term player. Even yesterday the father-in-law called wanting a picture of the kids while I was on the road; I pointed him to flickr and instantly satisfied his request. We’ve found flickr and its rss feed to be a great way to stay involved in the activities of distant relatives. I know we could do this all with our own hosted solution (including sending pictures from cell phone) but I think Flickr has given enjoy thought to UI and feature sets that there is incentive enough to use it. The only thing that really bothers me is that I don’t see (haven’t really looked hard) an export function. If I want to ditch flickr, I should be able to get all my photos off of flickr without hassle.

    I love YouTube. I think they may have a bumpy road ahead but I’m going to enjoy their bandwidth while I can.

  3. And agreed, it would be nice to be able to play YouTube vids in any media player without downloading first.

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