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Respect to the Mommy Bloggers

In the brief times that I solely try to simultaneously watch and keep Evan happy in the name of giving Cathy a break I have accumulated dozens of half finished draft blog posts. How do you guys do it with infants, toddlers, and other assorted rug rats?! On top of producing great content for our reading pleasures, the Mommy Blogger Brigade tends to the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of the children and even squeeze in time to clean house, cook, and in some cases work a job or two among all the other varied things on their calendars. Amazing! I salut the Mommy Bloggers!

I’d say more but Evan wants me to be a jungle gym for a bit…

1 thought on “Respect to the Mommy Bloggers

  1. Q – How do I know when I’ve gone too long without a bath?
    A – When Doug offers to watch Evan so I can bathe.

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