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Rattle snakes are real!

Rattle snake - not rubber

Pictures of a 13 year old’s recovery from a rattle snake bite (not lunch safe – gross) are circulating the Internet.

On July 21, 2002, just after my 13th birthday, I was bitten by a Western Diamondback rattlesnake. I was located on a trail in a hiking area near Yosemite National Park, California. The bite occurred when I was sitting on a small boulder at a distance of 4.5 miles from the trailhead with my cabin group at camp. I had my arms dangling at my side, and a 5 foot long rattlesnake bit me in the middle of my left palm.Source

I thought it fitting to post my family’s encounter with a rattler outside of Gatlinburg, TN. The snake sunning itself, the family as far back as the trail permitted studying the snake, Noah seems nervous, and ok, so all the kids look nervous.

As we visit the great outdoors, we have to remember, it is their home.

2 thoughts on “Rattle snakes are real!

  1. we had a 1.5 metre brown snake in our yard friday – one of the most venomous – it can strike repeatedly and pump so much venom its not funny

  2. That’s just damn scary.

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