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Molly’s Mystery Ball Stash

Red Jolly Ball in tree

Molly can tear a soccer ball to shreds in minutes. Basketballs don’t stand a chance. After long searching, we finally discovered the Jolly Ball (which Petsmart lists as a horse toy). She started off with a small green one that we thought she’d never get her mouth around. It still exists today and although it has hundreds of puncture marks, the green ball is as strong as ever. Next we bought her a larger red Jolly Ball (as seen in the tree picture) and it is still around today albeit with a large split from where Cathy or I (still debated) ran over it with the car. Before Christmas the green and red balls had disappeared so for Christmas Molly received a large purple Jolly Ball. Funny enough, the green and red ball have reappeared only we cannot get them all at the same time. She apparently keeps them stashed somewhere in the neighborhood. I’ll send her out with the red one and she’ll return with the purple ball. I feel the need to follow her on the next outting!

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