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Freaky Dog

Molly’s purple Jolly Ball has been behind the house for a couple of weeks. Her green one is down the side yard against a tree. The red one has been her favored ball recently but has vanished (it always returns).

So yesterday, I say to Molly, "Go get your purple ball." She runs outside with purpose and within 2 minutes is sitting at the front door with the purple ball!

I told Cathy about this and she brushed it off as coincidence then prompted Molly, "Go get the purple ball!" to which Molly went straight over to Evan’s 2 foot diameter $2.50 purchased at Target knowing good and well Molly would eat it ball which happens to be purple and nudged it deliberately with her nose then looked straight at us. Weird! Btw, Evan’s ball is made at Hedstrom who made a very pretty and incredibly useless website.

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