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Linux is great, except…

I have really enjoyed working with Ubuntu’s desktop environment for Noah’s computer. I am really wanting to setup the same for me. One of my client’s uses RedHat for one of their servers and it is equally impressive. But not without headaches. Granted, Windows has its share of troubleshooting but usually it is a bizarre situation. In my case, I have successfully installed a very common version control system called Subversion aka SVN. I am thrilled with SVN’s functionality and its integration with Dreamweaver.

Now the icing on the cake is to get some sort of ticket system working for the client so that in their two projects change requests, bugs (evil word!), documentation, etc can be tracked. The hot to trot open source software (OSS) right now is Trac and it is supposed to integrate with SVN. I have it almost working. Seems I failed to get the svn-python bindings in place. Every tech document and online chatroom replies to my issue as "sounds like your subversion python bindings aren’t working" but no one cares to elaborate. I’ve scratched a part of my head bald trying to figure this out! Unfortunately, it has also distracted me from my main goal for the client but once the ticket system is in place, they will be thrilled and piles of sticky notes can go away. Until then, they will see it as misdirected time I am sure. Establishing process and procedure in a company is always an uphill battle.

2 thoughts on “Linux is great, except…

  1. This is a bit misleading (at least your title is), as the problem has nothing to do with Linux, but with Subversion… and perhaps Python.

  2. I’ll give you that but still, installing linux apps is a bit mystical. Thankfully, many distros have an add/remove programs option now and rpms help greatly. I’m still unclear how I’m going to cleanly remove collabnet’s subversion to put on the version of subversion that I need.

    I am still very pro-Linux!

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