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Has anyone won anything on Blingo lately?

Our household use to average a Blingo movie ticket or iTunes gift card at least once a month. We haven’t won anything for about 3 or 4 months now. Did PCH destroy Blingo (which now claims to have $1000 Thursdays) or has it just become that popular that the odds of winning dramatically reduced?

On a side note, you can sure tell it is a Friday afternoon in the blogosphere. Comments on No Silence are dwindling down. Of course, it looks like Michael might have two simultaneous threads running. I suppose all that needs to be said has been said but I don’t believe that.

1 thought on “Has anyone won anything on Blingo lately?

  1. I have never won anything from Blingo. But then, so runs my particular brand of luck. I do search there, a lot … I have it set as my default search engine in Firefox. But so far – nada.

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