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Bored? No glue? Got some change?

No glue

As a child, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by creative people who always had a challenge at hand. Naturally, I didn’t have hand held video games (well there were those led football games dweet dweet dweet), iPods, and other such fancy things to keep us occupied. So, when we found ourselves with a long wait, like at a restaurant, I would be handed 65 cents and challenged to balance a nickel upon a quarter then a dime on the nickel and finally a second quarter upon the dime. This challenge still amuses me today and I find it both relaxing and rewarding to succeed with the balancing act.

2 thoughts on “Bored? No glue? Got some change?

  1. Dean does the same thing. He also juggles the fruit in the grocery store, and stacks the Campbell’s can in a really cool way.

  2. Doug taught me the can stacking trick when we were in highschool. We used to go down an entire row at Kroger and “re-stack” them. I still do it occasionally at home just to mess with my wife.

    Doug…you should show a picture of that…it’s kind of neat to see.

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