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Calls a parent never likes

Tommy, "Our bus just got hit. I told the officer I didn’t do it."

The school bus experience has been horrid this year. There is no lack of irony in the year ending with a bus accident. Tommy’s description was that a trailer clipped the back corn of the bus and the bus didn’t even move much. His friend’s mother called and said, "the bus got side swiped!" The accident happened within walking distance of the school but they are making the children wait until another bus can come to move them from the accident scene to the school. Since it is a short bus of special needs students, that does make sense.

I had hoped we could arrange for Tommy to ride the regular bus home at least once this year. I think he is fully capable of handling the regular bus. Getting off the short bus would alleviate so much turmoil! And possibly introduce some.

Update: Tommy called, laughing, to declare, "we’re on tv!" Looks like WATE got the footage. Guess we will have to record the news tonight. The kids on the bus sounded way out of control.

Update 2: Some more details.

4 thoughts on “Calls a parent never likes

  1. […] for a call from Knox County Schools and/or the bus driver to explain exactly what happened while my child was on their bus this morning. I guess that if Tommy didn’t have a cell phone, we wouldn’t even know that he is […]

  2. I’m glad he and the other students are ok. Sad that some parents have to blow it all out of proportion. Bleugh.

  3. Oh, the other parent was giggly about it. She knew no one was hurt. The differing story was just another Aspie’s interpretation of what had happened. I put another account of the accident on Aspergerteen.

  4. […] Update: My initial account of the incident. […]

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